Blood n Guts Profile / Prosthetics and Make-up

Specialists in creating high quality, cost effective and ultra-realisitic Prosthetics and Make-up

Make-up and Prosthetics

Vicky Voller initially spent 13 years at the BBC as a Make-Up Assistant and then Designer. From 1999 to-date, Vicky worked on the BBC’s highly successful, and ongoing, medical drama Holby City. Vicky worked on Holby, since its inception, initially covering Make-Up and Prosthetics.

However, as the programme grew so did its appetite and need for more and better medical effects and so, by 2000, Vicky was put solely in charge of prosthetics and effects, creating for Holby, often from scratch, the necessarily realistic and sometimes spectacular medical simulation necessary for a successful hospital based drama.

Vicky now runs her own company, appropriately named “Blood ’n’ Guts”, creating synthetic body parts for TV, film and medical industries. In addition she also teaches and lectures prosthetics in the industry.

Feb 2016 Fortitude Carnival Film and TV
tigeraspect – contact Make-Up Designer Kate Benton
Provide body parts for filming in Iceland
Feb 2016 Poldark Mammoth – contact Costume Designer Ros Little
Provide pregnant abdomen
Jan 2016 Tear Music Video contact - Producer - Luke Blackett
Make adult to alien umbilical cord
Nov-Jan 2015-6 Inside Number 9 BBC - contact Make-Up Designer Helen Speyer
Simulate slashed neck with pulsing blood
Sculpt and make many Probondo moulds to simulate skin grafts after burn injures
Oct 2015 Salma BBC - contact Make-Up Designer Helen Speyer
Make cut throat, apply and simulate pumping blood on set
Sept 2015 Call the Midwife BBC1 – contact Make-Up Designer Stella O’Farrell
Make many umbilical cords
Aug 2015 One of Us BBC – contact Make-Up Designer Irene Napier
Sculpt and make Probondo moulds for various injuries
Jun 2015 Rogue Rogue Films – contact Kelly Ross
Provide pregnant abdomen
Jun 2015 The Job Lot 3 ITV2 – contact Director Sasha Ransome
Make and apply prosthetic swollen eye
May 2015 Endeavour Series 3 Mammoth – contact Make-Up Des. Irene Napier
Make Probondo moulds for burn victim
Sept - July 15 The Last Kingdom Carnival Film and TV
Contact Kate Benton - MakeUp Designer / Roz Little - Costume Designer
To provide silicone body parts and organs
Feb 2015 Franklin’s Lost Ships 90th Parallel (Toronto)
Contact Seaghan Hancocks – Unit Manager
To make and apply prosthetic pieces in gelatine, silcone and probondo.
Feb 2015 Mad Lab Zigzag Productions
Contact Ian Curtis – Producer / Director
To apply full prosthetic silicone and foam facial pieces
Dec 2014 No Offence AbbottVision
Contact Lesley Brennan – MakeUp Designer
Provide pregnant abdomen
October 14 The Royals Privileged Productions
Contact Kate Benton – MakeUp Designer
Provide pregnant abdomen
Sept - Nov 14 Horrible Histories 6 Lion Television
Contact Tom Miller - Producer
Provide gore and bald caps
Aug 2014 The Man Who Knew Infinity Animal Films
Contact Cate Hall – MakeUp Designer
To provide 3 amputated legs/arms
Aug 2014 Eastenders BBC
Contact Karen Perkins - MakeUp Designer
Make/fit Sam Womack with a pregnant abdomen for different stages
Aug 2014 Ripper Street Tiger Aspect
Contact Marion Picard – Buyer
Provide organs for post mortem
June - Nov 14 Call the Midwife Neal Street Prod
Contact Stella Ofarrell - MakeUp Designer
To supply all pregnant abdomens, umbilical cords and placenta
April - July 2014 Testament of Youth Testament Films
Contact Christine Walmsley-Cotham - Makeup Designer
To sculpt, build and apply all injuries and amputations to simulate WW1 casualties
March 2014 Radical Departures Radical Departures
Contact Catherine Silk - Line Producer
Hire of pregnant abdomen
December 2013 Fury Norman Productions Ltd
Contact Kathryn Fa - Crowd-Makeup/Hair
Application of facial prosthetic wounds
October 2013 From There To Here Kudos
Contact Derek Lloyd - Makeup Artist
Provide pregnant abdomen
August 2013 A Young Doctors Notebook A Big Talk Production
Contact Kate Benton - Makeup Designer
To build and operate wounded soldiers and abdominal operations.
July 2013 Yonderland BSkyB
Contact Peter Coogan/Anna Connolly - Producers
Application of facial prosthetic pieces
July – October 2013 Call The Midwife CTM Productions
Contact Carol Cooper - Makeup Designer
Supply various stages of pregnant abdomens,
medical injuries and stunt baby
July 2013 Your Face Sounds Familiar Endemol
Contact Kate Benton - Makeup Designer
Application of prosthetic piece
March 2013 Hollyoaks Lime Productions
Contact Emma Dalton - Design Dept.
Supply baby
November 2012 Smuggler BSkyB
Contact Michelle May - Costume Designer
Provide pregnant abdomen
May – Oct 2012 Call The Midwife CTM Productions
Contact Christine Walmsley-Cotham - Makeup Designer
Provide pregnant abdomens, umbilical cords,
placenta, and torsos for surgery
June 2012 A Young Doctors Notebook Big Talk Productions.
Contact: Kate Benton - Makeup Designer
To provide body parts for surgery
June to Aug 2012 Call the Midwife CTM Productions
Contact: Christine Walmsley-Cotham - Makeup Designer
To provide pregnant abdomens and umbilicals
May 2012 Eastenders BBC
Contact: Karen Perkins - Make-Up Designer
To provide pregnant abdomen for “Janine” and look after prosthetic breathing baby
October 2011 - July 2012 Holby City BBC Series XIV Prosthetic Designer
Contact: Lynn Grant - Line Manager
To provide all Prosthetic/medical effects
June 2011 Pram Face BBC
Contact: Mags Edwards/Sarah Fidelo
To provide prosthetic abdomen
June 2011 Call the Midwife CTM Productions
Contact: Christine Walmsley-Cotham
To provide pregnant abdomens and umbilical’s
April 2011 Top Boy Top Boy Productions Ltd
Contact: Juliette Vankay - Makeup Supervisor
To provide pregnant bump
March 2011 Run Award Short Film by Shelagh McLeod
Contact: Shelagh McLeod - Writer/Director
To build amputated leg stump
February 2011 I Shouldn’t Be Alive - Series 5 Darlow Smithson Productions
Contact: Dominic Webb - Make-Up & Prosthetics
To design and build trauma leg tibia protruding
October 2010 Mercenaries Lions Gate Films
Contact: Paul Burns - Production Designer
Build soldier body with guts to be tank proof
October 2010 - July 2011 Holby City BBC
Series XIII Prosthetic Designer
Contact: Line Manager Lynn Grant
To provide all Prosthetic/medical effects
August 2010 Lewis ITV Studios Ltd
Contact: Andrew Lavin - Art Director
To make severed finger
August 2010 Kill Keith Gaia Media
Contact: Kristyan Mallett - Prosthetic Designer
To make body and internal organs
July 2010 Misfits 2 Channel 4
Contact: Kristyan Mallett - Prosthetic Designer
To manage prosthetic bodies
July 2010 Hollyoaks Late Night Lime Pictures
Contact: Emma Turner - Producer
To provide prosthetic baby & umbilical’s
1997 - July 2010 Holby City BBC
Contact: Producer Mervin Gill-Dougherty
To provide all prosthetics and medical effects as Series Make-Up & Prosthetic Designer
May 2010 Artem Ltd Special Effects Co.
Contact: Simon Taylor/Mike Kelt - Company Directors
Demonstration & application of prosthetics for open evening
May 2010 Best Kept Secret Kudos Films and TV Ltd
Contact: Sally Puttick - Costume Designer
To skin match & make 3-4 month pregnant abdomen
April 2010 Eastenders BBC
Contact: Faiza Hosenie - Co-ordinator
To manage a prosthetic breathing baby
February 2010 The Wicker Tree Tressock Films Ltd
Contact: AD Bryony Rumble
To provide body parts and organs
February 2010 The Nelson Well Good Show Avalon Television
Contact: Lisa Cavelli-Green - Makeup Designer
To provide prosthetic organ
December 2009 The Tapes
Contact: Scott Bates - Director/Producer
To provide prosthetic organs
July 2009 Eastenders BBC
Contact: Neil Marshal - Make-Up Supervisor
To provide silicone pregnant abdomen
June 2009 Doc Martin ITV Productions
Contact: Jean Speak - Make-Up Designer
To provide silicone pregnant abdomen
2006 Saving Ronald Regan Off the Wall Productions
Prosthetic Designer
CSI type documentary providing a body and organs
2004 Casualty Holby @ Casualty BBC
Prosthetic Designer
To make and manage medical effects for many accidents


2014 to 2016 London College of Fashion Masterclass Prosthetic Workshop - Casualty and Application of Pieces
2012 to 2016 Delamar Academy Making and application of gelatine/ encapsulated silicone pieces and bald caps & Casualty
2013 - 2014 UMAe United Makeup Artists Expo. Application of Prosthetics - Demo for PAM
2013 / 2014 West Thames College
HND Specialist Makeup
Teach making and application of Bald Caps
2013 to 2016 IMATS
International Makeup Artist Trade Show
Demo for PAM
2012 PAM Run silicone workshop
2009 – 2011 Greasepaint Silicone workshop