Services - Prosthetic effects and Make-up

From pregnant bumps to heart transplants. Whatever your requirements are big or small -
it is worth calling to discuss your needs.

Image of Women with prosthetic pregnant Bump

Prosthetic Advice & Consultation
Please call to discuss your requirements. With a wealth of knowledge to fall back upon we can explore all possible options available to give you the best result, which can then be budgeted on a sliding scale for your consideration. We are happy to conduct such an initial exploratory meeting without fee.


Application Service
In addition to creating the prosthetic effect we can, supervise and apply the effect on set, thus ensuring it is both applied and operated to best effect and is filmed to optimum advantage. This additional supervision/hands-on service is optional.


Bespoke Prosthetic and Make-up Creations
Often life casting is the most accurate path to complete a visual story. From face casts to limbs there is a high demand on a perfectly matched prosthetic. Life casting achieves a realistic synthetic prosthetic which can also stand in for an actor. These maybe necessary due to health and safety or licensing hours or to show before/after. Alternatively, a generic cast is also a popular option and convenient if perhaps the actor is not available for a life cast.


Prosthetic Hire and Rental
With tight budgets and late casting of actors it is sometimes possible to rent a pre-made medical effect or prosthetic body part and we hold a stock of elements which may be suitable to fulfil your requirements. Clearly stock items are less costly than custom made ones due to the fact that they already exist but, being generic, they may not carry such accurate actor continuity as a custom build.


Pregnant abdomens are one of the most popular “stock” hire items and we can supply various sizes/gestation of the pregnancy. Whilst already pre-made, the pregnant “tummy” can still, if required, be altered to a point to match the actor.